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What will lure your clients 5,000 miles to Seattle and Washington state?

We have ten questions for you.  All the answers to them can be found in the PDF here. You may find it easiest to read the PDF document part way, answer the first six questions, then come back and do the second half later.

Remember if you don’t quite get all 10 correct on the first attempt, you can do them again later. Good luck from the Port of Seattle and Washington State team.

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1. Which airline will offer non-stop flights from UK to Seattle in 2018?
2. How many of the following cruise lines offered departures for 7 day cruises to Alaska in 2017:  Norwegian CL,
Royal Caribbean,    Celebrity,    Holland America,    Princess,    Carnival,    Oceania?
3. Pike Place Market is famous for vendors who create a spectacle of …?
4. Seattle Center includes a cluster of attractions next to the Space Needle. These include the Pacific Science Center, Chihuly Garden and Glass and which other type of museum?
5. Seattle is particularly famous for which of the following?
6. Greater Seattle has added how many new hotels and rooms since the start of 2016?
7. Which of Washington’s National Parks is renowned for its temperate rainforest and wild rugged coastlines?
8. How many scenic byways does Washington State have?
9. Where is the greatest concentration of wine tasting rooms in one place?
10. What species of whale are the San Juan Islands world-famous for?

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